Paddock to Plate

Our Paddock to Plate program is designed to help students make connections with the food and fibre that sustain us. We aim to ensure an understanding of Food & Fibre production, enabling students to make ethical decisions about the products consumed and the value of sustainability in an ever-changing world. In this program we lay the foundations of the agricultural production model and unpack the basics behind plant science, where we follow produce from seed to table. We engage in animal production systems with the livestock kept on campus.


Having access to a fully functional and registered Suffolk Sheep stud onsite provides ample opportunity to engage in practical animal husbandry and flock management, from day-to-day tasks, through to breeding, lambing and prepping animals for the show circuit. Our chicken egg enterprise enables us to appreciate the concepts of Agri-business and the factors involved from field to fork. Each class has regular scheduled time in the kitchen onsite, where we get to enjoy produce from our farm gardens and poultry enterprise. A sampler program is offered in Year 7 & 8, with the subject being an elective in Years 9 & 10, where the foundations are laid for Agricultural Science in Year 11 & 12. Paddock to Plate has something to offer everyone!