Message from Principal and CEO

Cherylynne Gostelow
Principal & CEO

Leading learning for all stakeholders in a Christian school context has been the focus of my professional life since 2011. A lifelong learner, this passion led me to further my formal education, studying Educational Leadership through the University of Queensland. I am an avid reader, and devour educational research and materials relating to leadership in a wide variety of contexts. My delight is sifting through theory, selecting what is appropriate for my context, and then bringing into tangible practice the inspirational ideas I have encountered.


Stepping into leadership, first as Head of Faculty, and later as Deputy Principal, I learnt quickly that my skills as a facilitator of deep and transformative learning in students, were transferable to my work with teachers. No matter what age we are, or what life stage we are in, learning is a transformational experience that impacts the whole being.


Inviting parents to collaborate with educators is significant to me, acknowledging that parents are their children’s first teachers Together we can be powerful allies in journeying with a growing child. This has always been an important aspect of my role as an educator.


I am drawn powerfully to the challenges of providing a strong business infrastructure to support a team tasked with the mission of unleashing potential in the leaders of tomorrow through exemplary, deeply authentic, Christian Education.

Principal & CEO, Mrs Cherylynne Gostelow

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