16 May 2024

Student Coaching at Calvary

We sat down with Mr Chris Paech who is Head of Sport P-12 to gain his insight into his successful student coaching program, and why we love what it does for our community.

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02 May 2024

Nurturing Resilience - "The Anxious Generation"

Recently, a number of the staff have been reading Jonathan Haidt's book, "The Anxious Generation,". Haidt delves into the complex landscape of anxiety among today's youth. Haidt emphasises the importance of fostering resilience in children, equipping them with the tools to cope with adversity and thrive in an increasingly uncertain world.

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18 April 2024

Overparenting and Its Impact on Child Development

In the ever-evolving parenting landscape, one question seems to persist: Can a parent do too much for their child? This query has sparked numerous debates among parenting professionals, shedding light on what parenting experts call overparenting.

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26 October 2023

Key Considerations before enrolling your child in Prep

There is so much to consider when enrolling your child for prep. They are precious, tiny cargo and as a parent, our protective instincts are on super high alert with our decision making. Will they be looked after as you would like.. does the Prep tick the boxes YOU need ticked in order to make you and your child feel safe, and in good hands.

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19 October 2023

Sophie Dennis - Inspire Short Series

Meet Sophie Dennis! Sophie is in Year 8 at Calvary, saying she is a gifted diver is an understatement. We caught up with Sophie and her Dad, who coincidentally is also an impressive medal diver, and a Coach!

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24 August 2023

Good News Week @ Calvary

Good news week in previous years has been Prayer & Mission week. The Chaplaincy team, made up of Claire, Dan and Jayden sat down and had a discussion on what we want to do and how to frame it and landed on Good News Week. So, having a better understanding of what Good News Week is at Calvary Christian College, we sat down with Dan and Jayden separately to hear about how it went down at JS and MSS.

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17 August 2023

Get 2 Know: Mr Dino Arraiol

Get 2 Know our Head of Wellbeing & Community at our Middle Senior School at Calvary - Mr Dino Arraiol. Pictured here with his beautiful family including Mrs Sandra Arraiol and kids.

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10 August 2023

Calvary at the Ekka!

Every year our Calvary Show Team have the opportunity to be part of the Brisbane Ekka show! Read more from our Farm Manager Mrs Angela Haupt on the Calvary Ekka experience.

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03 August 2023

Soaring to New Heights: Exploring Certificate III Aviation at Calvary

At Calvary, we are in a privileged position to offer an incredible opportunity for our students in Year 11 and Year 12 to explore the world of commercial drone operations through the Certificate III Aviation course.

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27 July 2023

Open Every Day

Many schools and Colleges host an Open Day. At Calvary we believe in being our authentic selves every day. You should expect nothing less of us than to see us as we are in our everyday reality. Nothing less would satisfy me if I were choosing a school for my child.

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