Calvary Camping Program

Our Calvary camping program commences in Year 4 and culminates with our week-long Leadership camp at the conclusion of Year 11. Camping experiences provide authentic and poignant moments for students to develop friendships and cultivate their own positive and powerful character traits. Our camping program is thoughtfully crafted to provide students with opportunities for personal growth and critical reflection that is appropriate to their age and ability.


Year 4 Camp

Held at Thunderbird Park, our Year 4 Camp is an exciting opportunity for your child to develop new friendships and team-building skills as the Springwood and Carbrook students combine together for two days of educational activities and fun. It is our expectation that all students will participate.


Year 5 Camp

Our Year 5 Camp, which will be held at Luther Heights, Coolum is a wonderful opportunity for the students to strengthen friendship bonds, develop resilience and leadership, as well as experience the array of opportunities available at Luther Heights.


Year 6 Camp

Our Year 6 Canberra trip sees students delve into their inquiries they make connections to broader concepts including; belonging, leadership, identity, awareness, responsibility and perspective. 

As well as government education sessions at both old and new Parliament House, students will also visit a number of national attractions based in Canberra. 


Year 7 Camp
At the outset of high school, this camp has a strong emphasis on teamwork and collaboration. Students are given ample opportunities to bond, create new friendships, and grow together as a cohort while enjoying outdoor team-building activities such as the low ropes courses, raft building and the giant swing (to name a few).


Year 8 Camp
This camp at Mapleton focuses on character development and extends our students' problem-solving and teamwork skills.


Year 9 Camp
Held at Somerset Dam, this camp develops students' resourcefulness and empathy through activities that challenge their existing teamwork and problem-solving skills while developing their creative and critical thinking capacity.


Year 10 Camp
This camp at Maroochydore is designed to foster students' burgeoning leadership skills as they approach Senior School. The camp encourages collaboration and a more complex understanding of team dynamics and emphasizes reflective skills.


Year 11 Camp

Our Year 11 Leadership camp is the culmination of our camping program and is a week-long ANZAC-themed experience. Resilience, resourcefulness, and responsibility underpin the character development opportunities at this camp and give our Seniors a great opportunity to dream about the positive change they can make to our Calvary Community as they head toward their final year of schooling.