Agriculture Science

The original STEM subject, Agricultural Science has something to offer everyone. At Calvary, we are blessed to be in the unique situation to offer Agricultural Science, supported by access to our College farm. Over the course of this two-year program, students undertake studies in plant science, animal production, resource management and sustainability, agribusiness and agricultural enterprises. Having access to a working farm enables experiential learning opportunities not afforded in the classroom, such as assisting in the artificial insemination program during the reproductive module and drenching and parasite control during the digestive module in Animal Production.


Our poultry provide unique opportunities for student investigations into modifications of production modelling. We also have access to horticultural facilities to use during plant trials and experiments in our Plant Science unit.  We have access to industry professionals who play vital parts in our learning and share their wealth of knowledge. Agricultural Science is a General subject and contributes to ATAR results, partnering well with other sciences or as a stand-alone science selection.  Past students who have undertaken this subject have gone on to pursue a variety of career options including Veterinary Science, Agronomy, Agribusiness, Wildlife Science and other tertiary qualifications.