Message from Middle and Senior School Head

Josh Wilson
Head of Middle and Senior School, Carbrook

I love the excitement that comes from learning something new, seeing the world a different way, or discovering something I didn’t know about myself.

Learning should be student-driven, fun, useful, exciting, challenging, and inspiring. A Calvary education is not simply a variation of education, rather it is an experience of education in its fullness - encompassing notions of both the Hebrew shalom (peace/wholeness/welfare) and the Greek arete (reaching one’s optimum potential). Always aspired to, but never fully realised or perfected, thoughtful education in this context empowers students to excel at what they do and walk into the fullness of their potential, which comes through having faith in the future and a hope-filled wonder of God and His world.

What I love about working at Calvary is the resolve of the College to see shalom and arete meet in an educational experience that celebrates delightful creative expression, the peace of God in community, and the rigour of exceptional learning.