Our Story

Calvary Christian College began in 1984 with a small group of primary students, parents, and teachers in two temporary buildings on a shady hillside at Springwood. 

The College commenced under the name Logan Uniting Primary School and operated under the governance of Logan Uniting Church (Real Life Christian Church). From these beginnings, the College has grown and now Calvary Christian College operates on two campuses serving approximately 900 students from Prep to Year Twelve.  

The second campus at Carbrook, opened in 1992 on a former rural property adjacent to the Logan River.  This second campus was established to offer both primary and secondary programs with the first Year Twelve class graduating in 1996. 

In January 2000 the two campuses took the same name, Calvary Christian College.  

A trial Preparatory class commenced at Carbrook in 2004 and this has led to the establishment of a full Prep program with two classes on each campus since 2006.

The Early Years Education centre, Kingdom Kids, was established at Carbrook in 2007 to cater for toddlers to Pre-Prep children.  In 2015 a Pre-Prep program commenced at Springwood. 

From September 2021, these two Early Years services and the OSHC (Outside School Hours Care) services are managed by Uniting Education Early Learning. The Early Years services (Kingdom Kids) continue to provide a seamless learning experience for children from the Early Years to Year 12.