Wellness Resources

About Interventions

Social-emotional learning is integrated into the Formation curriculum. It focuses on the four interrelated elements of the Personal and Social Capability of the Australian Curriculum.


Heads of Wellbeing work with the Student Development Team in supportint teachers with the design and delivery of Personal and Social Capability through the daily curriculum.

Individual Interventions

Counsellors and our psychologist are available for individual counselling sessions as required. These may support students around issues such as grief and loss, friendships, family issues, anxiety, additional learning needs, or self-esteem. Sessions are generally short-term and targeted. Referrals can be made by parents, through the classroom teacher, or students in Middle and Senior School can self-refer.

Group Interventions

In Middle and Senior school, classroom interventions are delivered at the request of teachers, usually in relation to the needs of a cohort. Counsellors and chaplains facilitate faith and character formation sessions, consent and relationships workshops, an inquiry unit on mental health, as well as anxiety and mindfulness interventions for Senior School students. Age apprioriate groups are facilitated for Junior School students as the need arises. These may focus on topis such as developing friendships, emotional regulation and dealing with disappointment.

Parent and Community Interventions

Parents are essential to the development of the whole child. We strongly value collaboration and input from families. We provide resources for parents linked to the student social-emotional curriculum delivered in class, so that the skills and language we use at school can be applied at home. We also develop regular podcasts for parents, as well as blogs, and self-regulation activities suitable for our students.

At the heart of the Student Development team is a desire to see young people unleash their God-given potential, know their value, and be loved and equipped to thrive through life’s challenges.

Therapy Room

We invite you to visit Calvary's virtual counselling room. Within the page there are four coloured zones to help navigate how you are feeling. Each coloured zone opens a room of strategies to help understand and manage those feelings.