Message for Junior School Heads Stage 1 – Years 1 and 2 Stage 2 – Years 3 and 4 Stage 3 – Years 5 and 6

Stage 3 – Years 5 and 6

Critical Collaborators.- Deepening independence, emerging and developing leadership, demonstrating skills and understandings in multiple ways.

Stage 3 – Years 5 and 6

Critical Collaborators

At Calvary we often remind our students that mastery of curriculum content matters, but skills development matters more. Calvary is committed to equipping students with skills for life. Students are encouraged to focus on more than an academic outcome, rather focusing on the development of the twelve learning habits in the Calvary Learning Habits Framework. During this stage, students typically begin to grow in responsibility and becoming effective critical thinkers and efficient collaborators.

Through flexible grouping and re grouping, we support students to work at a pace and a depth that suits their learning needs and encourages 'stretch'. Students are increasingly skilled at developing their own inquiry questions arising from theme based learning provocations designed by their teachers. 

As with every stage, students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding via multiple means of expression: oral presentations, visual or technological displays, written expression. Learning and assessment of learning are made meaningful, through students excercising some voice and choice in what they learn and how they demonstrate their learning.

A strong pastoral care team ensures that every student is personally cared for and supported through this stage as they begin to consider transition to Middle School and navigate increasingly complex social relationships.

During Stage 3 there are increasing opportunities for students to express their emerging leadership skills through contribution to different aspects of College life. The focus for developing leaders is the ability to consistently influence others for good. 

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