Principal Communications, 31 July 2023

Dear Parent and Carers


It is always wonderful to see our students perform well in such a wide variety of activities. Last week was no exception with students excelling in Sport, Debating as well as Show Team. What makes me most proud is, win or lose, Calvary teams always build the team and build their skills; whether it’s the performance skill for that particular event or a personal development skill, the focus is always on growth – ‘better tomorrow than today’.


Last week there was a lot of fun on the Carbrook campus as students engaged in co-constructing ‘rules of use’ for the newly opened beach sport area and the surrounding terraces. We had a student request for a cold water bubbler near the beach courts and ….watch this space. Calvary is proud to be a College where students have a voice and learn how to exercise it wisely. This is a foundation for being a responsible citizen who makes a positive contribution to the community throughout life. Everything we do and teach at Calvary is intentionally designed to have a lasting impact in the lives of our students.


Looking ahead this week, we are proud to be showing off our campuses to prospective families on two Principal’s Tours. We also look forward to the activities of Science Week. With Book Week ahead, I spent some time over the weekend preparing my costume – I have chosen to be a character from one of my favourite picture books! And Mission Week is also coming up soon where our students will be challenged to consider that life is very different for so many in the world who don’t share our privileges. There is always something ahead that helps us to celebrate learning in all its different forms and so much of it is also fun and helps to underline what it means to belong at Calvary and to connect with and make a difference in our world.


Encourage your children to join in – especially when the activity is new to them or presents a challenge either to their skill set or to their natural inclinations and talents. I’d like to invite you again by clicking on the following LINK to join in at one of our Evening with the Principal events where you will hear plans for 2024 as well as have the opportunity to exercise your voice through asking questions. When you register for the event, you will find there is an opportunity for you to post a question. I’m looking forward to meeting with you as we have a chat about all things at Calvary.


As happens at this time of the year when we make plans for the future, some of our staff find themselves drawn to new opportunities for a wide variety of reasons. Robyn Ray (Head of Year8) has resigned with effect from the end of the year. Robyn has served Calvary over many years and for her it is time to explore new horizons. Later in the year we will have the opportunity to farewell and thank Robyn.


I wish you a blessed week, with lots of fun and laughter. I look forward to seeing the students’ Science Week projects and seeing you at our Evening with the Principal events on either 8th or 10th of August. Please feel free to attend either location as is more convenient to you – the content is not limited to either campus location. We are one College!


Yours sincerely



Cherylynne Gostelow
Principal & CEO