Principal Communications, 16 October 2023


Dear Parents/Carers


As we move towards 2024 we are excited by the plans we have for student learning and the ways we will be using our recently updated spaces.


The end of a school year inevitably brings some staff changes. Our former MSS Spanish teacher Raul Ocana-Villegas has been helping us over the past year teaching Physical education in the Carbrook Junior School. We bid Raul a sad farewell after the many years he has served Calvary faithfully. We have enjoyed his family’s involvement as students, coaches and managers of teams over the years. Thank you.


Like Springwood JS, we have decided it would be good to have one Phys Ed teacher, working P-6 with a full time commitment to Phys Ed classes, carnivals and cocurricular sport at Carbrook. Tim McInnes continues to fill that role at Springwood and Brendon Linning has agreed to take on Phys Ed at Carbrook. Both men look forward to continuing to work with our volunteer community supporting our students’ sporting activities both in and beyond the curriculum.


We have teachers who have fulfilled contracts with us – some of whom came to us in the difficult time of COVID. We have some teachers returning from extended leave and some teachers will be joining us in January for the first time.


Calvary has a full complement of teaching staff as we head into 2024 and once the allocation of staff to classes has been finalised as student numbers in each class are settled, Heads of School will share with you the full staff complement for each sector so that you and your children know who the team is for 2024.


This year several teaching staff have been involved in the Principal’s Tours we have conducted. At each tour prospective parents comment on the passion, energy and joy of our teachers. Those of you who come onto campus regularly for drop off or pick up or any other Calvary event, engage with our staff often and I am proud of the many compliments you pay our teaching team.


Yours sincerely



Cherylynne Gostelow