The Importance of Creative Arts in the 21st Education

24 February 2022

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With the demands of the 21st century the importance of Arts Education has never been more salient. To exist in today’s society students, need to develop the skills in critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration and leadership, agility and adaptability, initiative and entrepreneurialism, effective oral and written communication, accessing and analysing information, curiosity and imagination. The Creative Arts provide the logical conduit through which these capacities and related skills, in both the social and emotional domains, can be developed.



Research shows us that students who participate in music and the arts, achieve better learning outcomes across their entire schooling. The discipline of learning an instrument and performing together transfers into the other areas of the students’ learning experience. Connecting collegially to emotions and creating a piece of art in a communal setting is something that is not offered in any other area of children’s lives. The bonds built between students and their creative aspirations is never forgotten.



The CAPA program at Calvary provides students with the skills to tackle the challenges of the 21st Century with confidence, both as individuals and as a collective.


Plato once said: I would teach children music, physics and philosophy, but most importantly music, for in the patterns of music and all the arts are the keys of learning.