Open Every Day

27 July 2023

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Many schools and Colleges host an Open Day. At Calvary we believe in being our authentic selves every day. You should expect nothing less of us than to see us as we are in our everyday reality. Nothing less would satisfy me if I were choosing a school for my child.


At Calvary we are OPEN EVERY DAY for you to explore our beautiful campuses. Drop in to explore Calvary and see what a Calvary future can look like for your child.





Want to see Calvary for yourself? Book a tour with me here



Being a community of Fearlessly Authentic Learners every day and in every experience means that when you come to Calvary, you will experience the real world of everyday life for our students, parents and staff. When you join our community you can confidently entrust your child’s academic journey, skills development and exploration of character virtues to us.


Every day we engage in the reflective practice of asking ourselves, “What went well?” and what would make this (whatever ‘this’ is for that moment) better. This is our “Even better if….” Which keeps us all accountable in our journey to live out a mindset of ‘better tomorrow than today’.




So, while we won’t claim to offer you perfection in everything, we will promise you Excellence in every encounter every day. Excellence for us is not the standard of perfection that is so often accompanied by the paralysis of an unreachable aspirational target. Excellence for me is my commitment to you that I will give you my ‘stretch’ best in any given moment. This is the standard to which I hold myself, we as staff hold each other, and it’s the standard we hold before our students.


This is why I can invite you to visit Calvary, any time any day. We are Open Every Day, and you are welcome to explore Calvary when it fits your schedule. Explore Calvary in ways that allow you to focus on what is most of interest to you. What matters most to you is of interest to us.




I look forward to welcoming you as you choose to Explore Calvary. As well as personal tours, I run Principal's Tours each month and below is a link to book, should you wish to join me on a tour of our campuses.


Want to see Calvary for yourself?  Book a tour with me here


Springwood dates: Thu 3rd Aug, Tue 5th Sep
Carbrook tour dates: Tue 1st Aug, Wed 5th Sep


Mrs Cherylynne Gostelow
Principal & CEO