Carbrook Junior School Communications, 20 July

Term 3 - Week 2

Upcoming Events

Friday 21 July: 100 Days of Prep


Week 3

Thursday 27 July: Stage 2-6 Safe on Socials, Assembly, Futsal Champions
Friday 28 July: Futsal Champions


Coming Up: Science Week, Pacific Districts Athletics, Principals Tour, Chapel



Dear Parents and Carers,


Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend the Australian Christian Schools (ACS) Leadership Summit. One of many things that resonated with me was the research presented by leading social analyst and author, Mark McCrindle, on the positive impact and role of Christian schooling. Our unique model of education is leading more and more families to look to Christian schooling in search of values and community.


At Calvary, we aim to equip our students with lifelong skills, virtues and values that will set them up for a positive and meaningful future. We are very excited and proud of our mission to educate the whole child. We know that mastering the content of the curriculum matters; however, lifelong skills matter more and formation of faith and character matter most.


Our Learning Habits/Skills framework allows us to focus on the curriculum content integrated with the skills and habits the students need to develop to set them up for a great future. These are explicitly taught and modelled in engaging and meaningful ways to our students.


The Calvary Learning Habits are:

We know that these skills can be learned and developed over time. They are transferrable to school life, home life and life in the future.


Safe on Socials

On average, the Australian child has three personal devices, but navigating their usage can be difficult for many children and families. We know technology can be a powerful tool to improve student outcomes, but without appropriate boundaries, it can also have a significant impact on a child’s relationships, social-emotional well-being and engagement with learning.


We have invited Safe on Social to the College to help equip our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage their digital devices and distractions. Students from Stage 2 – 6 will participate in age-appropriate presentations about:

  • Online safety and using social media with awareness
  • Online stranger danger and what grooming might look like and what to do
  • Group Chats and strategies to manage them better
  • Posting and sharing photos and the law
  • Respectful online relationships and consent
  • Cyber-bullying, online harassment, and how to report it
  • Online gaming safety
  • Strategies to build resilience


Please speak with your child following this presentation, and empower them to create more positive online behaviours, habits and experiences.


Prep 100 Day

Tomorrow, we celebrate our Preps as they reach their 100 days of school. As this day is focused on all things 100, we welcome the Preps to dress up as a 100-year-old person for the day. We look forward to seeing them all dressed up.


Over the last 2 weeks, I have enjoyed visiting the students in the Learning Spaces and joining in on the inquiry lessons. It is great to see the students so engaged with their learning. We have such an incredible school!


Mrs Fiona Burnett
Head of Junior School - Carbrook 

Urgent Notice from the Health Hub

To safeguard our students as much as possible, if your child is unwell with a temperature over 37.5 and has viral symptoms such as runny nose, sore throat or coughing, please keep them at home until symptoms improve. Students also need to be encouraged to wash their hands and cover mouths when they sneeze or cough. Any further questions or queries please feel free to contact the Health Hub.

Parenting Program - 'Tuning into Kids'

Our College Counsellors: Mr Byron Hunt & Mrs Alison Stone are conducting a Parenting Course that is starting soon at Carbrook, called "Tuning into kids" Emotionally intelligent parenting (Emotion Coaching). We have recently run this program at our Springwood campus with much success and positive feedback. The program helps you as a parent support your children as they develop emotional intelligence and social skills, helping you navigate kids’ big emotions and challenging behaviours.


When: Six sessions, over six weeks, Two hours per session - starting in Week 4 on Thursday 4th August 2023 ( 8.45am - 10.45am) – Morning Tea provided.

Who It's For: Tuning Into Kids is for parents and carers of zero to 12-year-olds who would like to learn how to respond in a healthy way to their child’s emotions.

What to Expect: The program is run in small groups with other parents. In the program you will learn how to use the practical skills of emotion coaching to help children regulate and manage behaviours. These skills help your child respond to others in socially appropriate ways.


Spaces are limited so please register your interest by Monday 31 July by email to Liza Steyn.


You will be sent an email to confirm your registration and will be asked to complete a short survey prior to the course starting.

Emma Tabacaru Junior School Session

For anyone who couldn’t attend Emma Tabacaru Junior school session earlier this year on Guiding the sexual development of your children. Please find below the blurb, link and parent handout.


Instilling value, wisdom, boundaries, and goodness.

It is no secret that our children are growing up in a hyper-sexualised culture with more information and content at their fingertips than ever before. As parents, it is vital that we are deliberate, prepared and empowered to guide the sexual development of our children as they come up against the world’s toxic messages about their bodies & sexuality. Join us as Emma Tabacaru, founder of Pippin Girl, leads us through a faith-based conversation about the four stages of sexual development from 0-12 yrs of age, the conversations we need to be having with our young people and some inspiration for becoming the “go-to” for your child’s sexual education.


10 Tips for Becoming the Go-To

The College App can be downloaded on your smart phone by using this download link* or by going to the App Store/Google Play and search for 'Parent Orbit'. The school code is calvarycc.

Please note the link will only work on a device that has access to the App Store or Google Play. 

Science Week

Once again, we are holding our annual Calvary Science Competition in the Junior School.
We encourage the students in Prep to Stage 3 to participate with an age-appropriate science investigation.
It is a wonderful opportunity for students to apply their science knowledge and celebrate their learning in science.

We recommend you use the booklet to follow the scientific investigation process. If you would like to present your experiment in some other way, make sure you address all the sections of a scientific report that are in the booklet.

Due Date: Friday 28th July Happy Science investigating.

Science Week Term 3 2023 (1)

Mango CAFE Specials for Week 3

Calvary Events

We have a number of new events happening during Term 3. Please click on the link to go to our Events Page:

Fathers Day (1)
Bush Dance 2023 (1)

Instrumental Teachers Update

Our Guitar Tutor, Josiah Chapman, concluded with the College last Friday.  We thank him for his work with the students in Dominic's absence. 


Showcase is on Saturday 9 September in the CCC Auditorium.  Tickets for this event open on Monday 17 July 2023. 

Ensembles performing include:

  • Voices
  • Piccolos
  • Chorale
  • Boys Ensemble
  • Junior and Senior Percussion
  • Orchestra
  • Senior Strings
  • Y10 Dance
  • Wakakirri Ensemble

Semester Two Ensembles

We invite all students that were in the college musical, and any other interested students, to join the following two ensembles commencing next week;

  • Piccolos - Prep to Year 2, Wednesday 8.00-8.30am
  • Voices - Year 3 - 6, Wednesday 7.45-8.30am


All correspondence regarding CAPA, including questions, please send to Emma at:


Dr Gary Holley

Head of Calvary Academy of Performing Arts