Sophie Dennis - Inspire Short Series

19 October 2023

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Meet Sophie Dennis! Sophie is in Year 8 at Calvary, saying she is a gifted diver is an understatement.


We caught up with Sophie and her Dad, who coincidentally is also an impressive medal diver, and a Coach!


Nothing gives us more joy at Calvary, than celebrating the achievements of our students. Sophie is just one of the many greats talents at Calvary.


Sophie is a Year 8 student at Calvary Christian College and enjoys art, drawing and hanging out with her friends and family.


Sophie started diving at the beginning of 2020 following 10 years of competing at a high level of gymnastics.


A coaching friend encouraged her to go to a ‘tryout’ session for diving which turned out to be a trial for a Diving selection squad! She was selected and hasn’t looked back since. Now doing 8-10 training sessions a week she is on a pathway to success and has already achieved so much in such a short time!



Sophie represented Queensland early this year at the State Diving Championships coming first in the Platform event with a new personal best, third in 3m Springboard and 8th in the 1m Springboard.


She competed earlier in the year at the Diving Age National Championships and achieved:

• 3m Springboard - SILVER MEDAL
• 3m Synchro - SILVER MEDAL
• Platform (5m & 7.5m) - 4th
• 1m Springboard - 5th


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What you may or may not understand is the level of commitment is involved with taking on the challenge of being a diver is insane. It is a difficult sport to put it nicely... you start with practising a lot of jumps, and then you learn the summersault and twists 1-2 years in. Then, the coaches strap you to the roof and teach you how to be comfortable with spinning and twisting before you tackle the practical of actually diving using these techniques.


And I am talking about the 3m board, not the 10m board. That is a whole another level!!.


She has been diving for all of three years. Sophie trains 6 days a week, at least 2hrs per day - one hour of dry land fitness and techinique, 1hr of diving. 


We are continually amazed by the drive and resilience and skill of these kids and what they manage to achieve at a young age!


Watch her story here. Congratulations Sophie! We look forward to seeing where this takes you!


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