Principal Communications, 9 August 2022

Principal Communications, 9 August 2022

Evening with the Principal 


9 August 2022



Dear Parents and Carers



Next Tuesday 16 August at 7pm is our first Evening with the Principal. This event is taking place on the Carbrook campus and we encourage you to register. You can book here.



Tuesday’s meeting is the Inaugural Evening with the Principal that seeks to provide an opportunity for direct communication. With the changes to lifestyle brought about by the 21st C we want to find new ways to honour your involvement in the education of your children. For us, the desire to develop rich partnership with parents is real.


We would also value being able to share emerging research with you in the same way that we do with your children so that they understand the wisdom behind our decision making.


Next Tuesday I will share with you why we sum up our work in the following statements that lie at the core of all we do:

Mastery of curriculum content matters.

Skills development matters more.

Formation of character and faith matter most.



I would also like to talk with you about our plans for the development of our beautiful campuses. Both are over 30 years old and still in need of further adaptation and renewal to serve our growing community well into the future.



College Council and our College Leadership team are acutely aware of the challenges facing Australia as we respond to the economic and social impact of the pandemic.



Please register your attendance and send your questions directly to me at by 4:00pm FRIDAY 12 August.



Yours sincerely,

Mrs Cherylynne Gostelow

Principal & CEO