Principal Communications, 5 September 2022

Principal Communications, 5 September 2022

Dear Parents/Caregivers  



 At Calvary Christian College we continue to focus on the provision of Exceptional Learning opportunities for each student. While mastery of core curriculum matters, the development of the skills and dispositions required for lifelong learning matters more and sets students on a path of ongoing success in all aspects of their lives. This is why unleashing potential is so important to us and we invest in a wide variety of learning areas both in and beyond the regular classroom environment, as well as providing a foundation for supporting the development of each student. The support of student wellbeing, character and faith formation along with exposure to a wide variety of learning opportunities both within and beyond the curriculum is a way we ensure our students graduate ready for success in their world beyond school.


There are costs associated with providing the quality education you desire for your child. To ensure the College is well positioned and well-resourced to continue to offer a quality educational experience, the College Council has been working with College management to finalise the College Budget for 2023. Good stewardship and wise allocation of resources are paramount to us. 


We know our high-quality Calvary teachers are the single greatest contributing factor to enhancing our students’ learning. We seek to ensure your child has the best possible learning environment with dedicated staff and access to quality resources and IT infrastructure. An increase in fees is necessary for the College to continue to do these things. We have kept this increase below CPI despite the projections of economists that this will keep rising over the coming months. The cost of delivering quality education also rises with the complexity of each successive Stage in your child’s education. Differences in the levy for each year group is strongly influenced by the extra activities provided for each group e.g. camps and notably the Year 6 trip to Canberra.


We understand that knowing what the next year’s school fees will be is important to your family’s planning. Recognising the challenges faced by families with household budgets, the College Council has made every effort to minimise fee increases.  To further assist families, the College offers a discount if annual fees are paid in advance. Raising the discount provision on tuition fees for 3rd siblings is another way we have tried to assist you in a world of rising costs beyond your and our control.  


It is our honour to lead the College, and we are confident that the quality of education at Calvary Christian College is exceptional value for money.


If you have any questions, please contact the College on 07 3287 6222 or email   


2023 Fee Schedule


Yours sincerely  


Cherylynne Gostelow                                                      Kevin Gordon  
Principal and CEO                                                          Chair of College Council