Principal Communications, 31 Jan 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,


Back-to-school 2022 plan


In the Back-to-school 2022 plan which covers 7 February to 4 March issued by the Premier yesterday, the following statement is clear: “Students of all ages can attend school regardless of their vaccination status” 


There will be no camps, excursions or large gatherings such as whole school assemblies during the period. Camps in Years 7-10 are impacted, and Head of School Josh Wilson and his staff will be in touch regarding alternative arrangements.

Chris Paech, Head of Sport P-12, managed to rearrange our Swimming carnival dates but unfortunately these still cannot go ahead so we are looking at an alternative arrangement and will notify you as soon as a plan is in place.


Parents are asked to limit their time on campus.


  • At Springwood, because of the limitations on parking we ask that parents spend as little time on campus as possible until 7 March. 
  • At Carbrook we ask that parents of students Year 3 and up drop their children off in the Western carpark and have them walk in through the gates to the undercover area where there are staff on duty from 8:00am. Pick up arrangements are unchanged, and we ask that those who gather in the undercover area please maintain social distance and use masks.


Following a number of queries from concerned parents I give you reassurance that Calvary Christian College will not host a vaccine hub for any COVID vaccination to be administered to students.

There is no mandate in Australia to vaccinate children. I have kept a watchful eye on this issue as I am aware that many parents are concerned about the possibility of a mandate for students to be vaccinated. There is no mandate for vaccinating children anywhere in the world. Neither is there such a mandate anywhere in Australia. I do not anticipate one will be made. (In the case of the school staff mandate published on 11 December 2021, it was clear to us all that this was heading our way. I was already engaged in conversations with staff about such an expectation and how we could manage it, when the announcement came.)


In the unlikely event of a mandate affecting children, I would, of course, open a conversation with you. You have chosen Calvary Christian College to partner with you in your children’s education. To this end, we have made every effort to communicate with you as soon as we have notice of a COVID related requirement. In the last snap lockdown of 2021, we heard the Premier’s notification of lockdown on a Saturday morning and by midday, you had received communication from our Heads of School about how we would respond.


Bus Service

Please find below a button with the link to BUS SERVICE. You will find current information here.



I appeal to you to keep your eye on communications provided via the App and in the Facebook groups. Communications are also posted to the College website, where they remain available to you. I am aware that there have been some problems with the reliability of the App launched last February and the College has been working with the providers to launch a revised improved version of the App following feedback you have provided.

Thank you for your patience in this ongoing challenge of managing COVID while keeping our community functioning as well as we can for the sake of the learning continuity and growth of your children in keeping with our vision for each child.

The College Vision Statement is represented visually below:




agile minds 

compassion and courage

resilient resourceful responsible

global citizens with Faith in the Future



As we head into 2022, the College staff commit to continuing to work with you to ensure that your child has an educational experience this year that inspires and ensures growth for each child in every aspect of their development.


Yours sincerely,

Mrs Cherylynne Gostelow

Principal & CEO