Principal Communications, 25 Jul 2022

Principal Communications, 25 July 2022

Agency – taking positive action



Dear Parents and Carers



Please take a moment today to complete the annual parent survey. The information you share will help us in our planning for 2023 and help set the direction for the next few years. We are keen to hear from you what you value most about what we are doing as well as those areas where you’d like to see us do better.



There is so much misinformation about the world of education circulating at the moment (particularly in the press and on social media). If you hear or read something that concerns you, I urge you to get in touch with me or with the Heads of School and find out exactly what we are experiencing at Calvary and how we are growing the strengths of our community and learning model along with seeking to address weaknesses. We encourage growth mindsets in our students, and this applies to us too.



I would also encourage you to sign up for our first Evening with the Principal on Tuesday 16th of August. You can RSVP here. This is a golden opportunity for you to hear firsthand why Calvary remains the school of choice for your family. You have heard me often say that independent schools offer parents choice and what Calvary offers is extraordinary. Increasingly fellow educators across the state and beyond are acknowledging that the learning model at Calvary represents an extraordinary and successful approach to ‘growing the whole child’. Some of the most recent successes we celebrate are:


  • The way we have embedded a Christian worldview throughout our curriculum delivery and balanced that with providing students with opportunities to challenge and ask questions as they think deeply and critically about the development of their discipleship journeys
  • The impact of our approach to foundational literacy on learning outcomes for Stage 1 and 2 students across the curriculum
  • The success reflected in our data of the changes we made a few years ago to teaching Numeracy (and Mathematics)
  • The impact of our wellbeing and formation programs on the holistic development of all our students
  • The increasing variety of electives available to students in our growing MSS
  • The strong and student led leadership development across all ages and stages
  • The way we have adapted our use of space (indoors and outdoors) to provide exceptional learning experiences for all our students



Arguably what drives our success is our acknowledgement that, as adults, we model discipleship and lifelong learning. We hold ourselves accountable to authenticity and our students respond with increasing understanding of what that means for them. This year in particular, we have encouraged our community to recognise they have agency. In other words, we don’t have to be victims of events unfolding around us. We can actively make a difference. This realisation and this practice go a long way to providing your children with the foundations for successful, productive and fulfilling lives.



Please use your agency to enter fully into partnership with us. I look forward to considering your responses to our annual survey and seeing many of you at Evening with the Principal.



Yours sincerely,

Mrs Cherylynne Gostelow

Principal & CEO