Principal Communications, 22 August 2022

Principal Communications, 22 August 2022

Evening with the Principal: Part I


Dear Parents and Carers


Last Tuesday evening, at our inaugural Evening with the Principal, I shared how the Executive Leadership Team at the College is ensuring teaching and learning remain current and relevant in preparing your children for their future. I spoke about the plans we have for the renewal and development of our grounds and buildings at both campuses and, finally, I spoke about the College’s response to the economic and social impact of the pandemic.


It would be difficult to sum up what was shared in an hour in a few brief paragraphs. So, I shall be sharing the content of the evening’s presentation over three communications. Today the focus is on the economic and social impact of the pandemic.


Since the start of 2020 I have followed closely information and forecasts both in Australia and internationally about what path we could expect the pandemic to track and what the impact might be, both economically and socially. 


You have travelled that journey with me and possibly shared the initial fear many of us felt that has settled now into a level of frustration at the ongoing impact coupled with the unexpected weather events that have also cost us so much on so many levels.


To maintain operations at the high level we have, stewarding our resources carefully, managed to maintain the financial discipline that assures our future, while delivering excellent service to your children. I commend our students on their agility in the way they have responded positively to last minute and unexpected changes to the way we usually like to do things. They have also managed very well the successive waves of COVID as it passed through our community.


We are in the midst of preparing our annual budget for 2023 and, as it has been years since Australian businesses (Calvary included) have prepared budgets in a higher inflation, rising interest rate environment, we are paying closer attention than usual to economic forecasts. We are endeavouring to manage rising costs (some rising at a rate which could not have been foreseen a year ago) in the services we provide and paying close attention to what we know our parents and students value most highly. We understand the importance of knowing the next year’s school fees in advance and will advise you of the 2023 fees as soon as these have been finalised.


In addition to annual budgets, we keep a close eye on the College’s 10-year forecasts and our financial performance against education benchmarks to ensure the long-term future of the College. Financial sustainability is a blend of good governance provided by our Council, the positive culture we work hard to sustain in our community and our financial accountability.


The other element of our work impacted strongly by the pandemic is the social impact. We have all suffered loss of one type or another. We have experienced disappointments, a curtailing of freedoms we took for granted, and the interruption of a way of life we valued.


This is where our Student Development Team (encompassing counselling, chaplaincy and learning support and enrichment) have worked closely with all staff to provide the grace-filled and mutually accountable relationships that are at the heart of Vibrant Community and Authentic Discipleship. You may recall that in my communication of 16 May I mentioned how aware I am of the need to be just that little more grace-filled and patient with each other as we navigate a society that is heightened by loss, frustration and fear.


We are a community of hope. We see joy and delight in the success in our students every day. This is the encouragement that counteracts the often, bleak news that surrounds us.


The recent successes at EKKA, the spirit of good sportsmanship shown in recent tournaments such as the volleyball, futsal and netball competitions our students have engaged in, the preparations for the Back to the Eighties musical due for performance in a few weeks, Book Week dress up parade this week, Prayer and Mission week last week – we see students enjoying life and learning every day on our campuses. This reminds us of our hope. These young people are our future. Thank you for choosing a Calvary education for them. We love working with them!


Yours sincerely,

Cherylynne Gostelow