Principal Communications, 21 Feb 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,


Updated App Release


Today you will have received an email about the release of an updated and improved version of our College app. Thank you to all who provided helpful feedback over the past year and to those who ‘tested’ this version. We hope that this version will provide a smoother experience for you to access Parent Lounge and Communications.


Managing COVID


Towards the end of last week, we found the number of students reporting to the Health Hub on the Carbrook campus was increasing. We appeal to you to

  • continue to check on your child’s health prior to sending them to school in the morning. This applies to both campuses.
  • encourage your Year 7 – 12 students to remember to provide their own masks for the school day.
  • encourage your MSS students (Year 7 to 12) to wear their masks on campus and maintain social distance.


So many of us have lost patience with the measures designed to ‘keep us safe’ when we perceive inconsistencies in the requirements. I appeal to all in our community to observe these requirements for this next fortnight. While the COVID Omicron wave may have peaked in the greater community it is apparent to us that within our College community many are still involved in isolation or even falling sick. The sensible approach is to continue to practice good hygiene measures, we continue to provide good cleaning of College facilities and please limit the time you spend on campus.


I would like to draw your attention to young children reporting nausea and/or presenting with vomiting. In several children this has resulted in a positive COVID result. Please be super vigilant if your child complains of upset tummy or nausea.


Please be assured we are doing all we can to protect the vulnerable in our midst. While Omicron may present as a mild infection for most, we are doing all we can to prevent risk to the health of anyone in and beyond our community.


College Journal 2021


The Preparation of the College Journal is in its final stages. You may remember our Marketing and Communications Officer, Makayla Bradshaw, is on maternity leave this year. This has caused a slight delay to the preparation of the journal. I have seen the final proofs and it should go to print in the next fortnight!




We are delighted to welcome Mrs Lena McDowell to our support staff. Lena is working in Human Resources and, as some of you at Springwood may have noticed this morning, she is helping in Reception while we have some staff on leave. Lena has resigned her position as President of Springwood campus P&F and Rebecca Clark has agreed to fill this position in the interim.


I thank the staff for their patience and resilience as they have dealt with a challenging start to the school year. I am very appreciative of the way they fill the gaps when a colleague is either ill or isolating and contribute to ensuring that learning continuity continues for every student.


We are all looking forward to eased restrictions and enjoying your company on campus again in the near future.


Yours sincerely,

Mrs Cherylynne Gostelow

Principal & CEO