Principal Communications, 13 June 2022

13 June 2022



Dear Parents and Carers



This morning as I was walking around the Carbrook campus, I bumped into a young student with a very focused expression as she hurried along, her body language suggesting she was ‘curled in on herself’. Thinking it was her way of coping with a very cold morning, I opened a conversation about how cold it is. Her response: “Yes, it’s cold…but this is my last day of being 7”. What followed was a brief encounter that gave perspective to the rest of my day! While I was preoccupied by the future impact of tasks I was preparing to deal with today, she was in the moment, squeezing everything from her awareness of what it is to be 7 BEFORE she steps into being 8.



I am reminded again of how, as adults, we spend so much time considering and planning for the future (as we should). But let’s not lose the experience of being in the moment and living fully in NOW. We are privileged to be surrounded by children who often teach us how to slow down and live in the moment. If you have been getting young ones ready for school in these last days of term, in a colder Queensland winter than usual, you have probably already found yourself having to engage with ‘child pace’ and child perspective.



Holding a long-term perspective also matters, and last Saturday our College Council and Executive Leadership team spent the day considering the College Strategic Plan. Our commitment to the Calvary vision and mission of providing an excellent education with an embedded Christian worldview, underlies all our long-term strategic planning. I look forward to sharing more about this with you as the documents take shape in the coming months as we all step up into 2023 and beyond.



This is the time of year when the Executive Team and Council begin preparations for the next year. As is my custom, I shall share with you those aspects of our planning that might impact your Calvary experience. For example, we always strive to be good stewards of our resources and, in so doing, provide a good return on your investment in a Calvary education for your children. We also need to ensure that the College remains sustainable in the future. To balance these two priorities, the Council determine financial benchmarks to guide our school operations. We watch the economic trends and are very aware of the tensions and challenges that lie ahead for family budgets. As a team, we will seek to keep any fee increases for 2023 as low as we can. However, as you plan your budget, we ask that you factor in the normal changes in fees as your children move through the different stages at Calvary. Our door is open should you need to discuss payment of school fees. The College is committed to providing clarity about 2023 fees by the end of term 3.



Our College Council recently responded to a query from P&F presidents, arising from questions raised at the 16 March meeting. The response from our Council is as follows:

Some parents have asked whether there will be any refund of 2022 P&F levies as a result of the 16 March 2022 vote of P&F members to dissolve the P&F Association.  The vote to dissolve the P&F Association, which is hoped to be completed by the end of this year, has no impact on the 2022 P&F levy or the opportunity to earn a credit through P&F volunteer hours, which a number of parents have already done.  There will be no P&F levy in 2023.”



I hope you will all enjoy the winter break as you and your children recharge for a busy and exciting second semester of 2022. Among the many and varied events planned for July to December, we look forward to:

  • Athletics Carnivals
  • Sports teams enjoying ongoing success and fun
  • Ekka SHOW TEAM
  • The improvements to the Farm, Show Team and JAG experiences that will come from the revitalisation of the flood affected Carbrook campus as well as the flow on impact on our Springwood JAG program
  • Back to the 80’s – the MSS Musical from CAPA. I heard a student refer to this as ‘olden days music’! I didn’t tell them this is MY music…
  • The ongoing events showcased through the Cultural Day (which gave you insight into co-curricular and curricular excellence and variety across Calvary).
  • Springwood’s continued Community events
  • The Time Capsule Assembly planned for Springwood
  • The Great Calvary Camp Out (resurrected after COVID interruption)
  • Parent Teacher Interviews and everything else that goes with your child’s learning journey
  • Celebration Events at the end of the year
  • CAPA’s Christmas Carnival

And, of course, so much more in the day-to-day experience that is Calvary Christian College.



Enjoy a safe and happy holiday,



Yours sincerely

Cherylynne Gostelow

Principal and CEO