Principal Communications, 11 Jul 2022

Principal Communications, 11 July 2022



Dear Parents and Carers,

As we begin term 3 HOPE is the word consistently in my mind. Our hope is founded on our faith in our unchanging God – the same yesterday and today and tomorrow. Amidst the grim news of political instability, war and economic insecurities that flood our screens each day, the perspective we adopt makes a significant difference to our attitudes and the actions we take. At Calvary during semester 2 our leadership team pauses to reflect on the year so far and to plan for 2023. As our plans develop, we look forward to sharing these with you in the coming months.



Moving into the holiday period, I was delighted by the high numbers of students using the Cunningham Pavilion at Carbrook. The renewed ‘blue oval’ at Springwood and the surrounding lawns are also a Calvary space where students enjoy being together. Spaces where students can be together building their experience of Vibrant Community are a vital attribute of your child’s Calvary journey. Our grounds and facilities staff have worked hard over the break to ensure we can continue to enjoy the blessing of our beautiful natural environment. These are spaces of hope that frequently echo with students’ laughter.



In the last week, ten lambs have been born on the Farm at Carbrook. Look out for the invitation to a weekend ‘meet and greet’ with our lambs. I am grateful to the staff and volunteers who have camped, despite the cold weather, to ensure the safe delivery and survival of the newborns. There is nothing like new life to remind us to adopt a hope-filled perspective.



On Wednesday we look forward to celebrating the opening of the time capsule buried on the Springwood campus in 1991. This was the year in which the final plans were underway for opening the Carbrook campus. In the words of founding Principal, Tim Rogers, “1992 will test and prove the mettle of Logan Uniting Christian Colleges” (now known as Calvary Christian College). 2022 is also proving to be a time of testing as we have dealt with COVID, the vaccination mandate, flood and unusually heavy rain. Our staff have taken on every challenge as an opportunity to improve the service we offer our students. The fruit of the hope with which the Carbrook campus was founded is seen in the flourishing of our two campuses today.



An Evening with the Principal


As the leadership team plans for 2023, we are filled with hope. We look forward to sharing our plans with you over the semester, as we usually do each year. We look forward to continuing to deepen our partnership with you. To this end, you are invited to our first Evening with the Principal on Tuesday 16th August on the Carbrook campus at 7pm. You can book here. I will share briefly with you the plans we have for facilities improvements on both campuses, and update you on some of the services we offer e.g. the bus service, some co-curricular opportunities and the launch of a project to simplify and update the College uniform. There will also be a Q&A time. If you would like to send in your questions ahead of time, please address them to



Annual Parent Survey


The Annual Parent Survey will be made available from Thursday 14 July with the link provided to you through the Thursday communication from the Heads of School. Please make use of this opportunity to provide feedback.




I look forward to sharing many events with you this term – among these will be highlights such as the MSS Musical production Back to the 80s, the return of the Fathers’ Calvary Campout in August and the Athletics carnivals.



Yours sincerely,

Mrs Cherylynne Gostelow

Principal & CEO